Pure Yemeni Henna

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    • Natural coloring powder
    • Warm & light shade
    • Provides shine and fullness
    • Without sodium picramate


    The term “henna” refers to the henna plant (Lawsonia inermis), which contains the coloring substance Lawson. This attaches itself to the keratin layer of the hair and does not penetrate it like chemical colors do. That’s why henna also has a protective effect and gives the hair more volume. At the same time, it has a normalizing and anti-dandruff effect on the scalp. This henna powder is free from sodium picramate.
    The fine henna powder turns into a creamy, soft and plump cream when mixed with water, without any lumps. After leaving it for enough time, it can be washed out like normal hair color.

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The Yemeni henna from Tazi Care offers a warm, light red, depending on the natural starting color:

  • Copper red on light brown hair
    • Auburn on medium brown hair
    • coppery sheen on dark / black hair
    • Bright red on blonde hair


How to use:

Depending on the hair length and density, mix the required amount of henna with hot water to form a creamy paste.
Add half a spoonful of vinegar or lemon juice, mix well and leave it covered for 12 hours (6 hours in summer).
Then apply to clean, dry hair and wash off with water after an exposure time of 2-3 hours.
The use of shampoo is not necessary. If the hair is very dry, a small amount of conditioner can be used.
Henna can also be mixed with hot water and applied immediately, but for best results we recommend following the steps above.


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