Traditional Suqla with Moroccan blue Indigo blue from Blue Ocean


A mixture of powders and natural herbs such as indigo, deposition, sea tongue, cedar, lady’s mantle and many more..

100%  natural, the Moroccan brides use it as the most important ritual in their Hammam before wedding to lighten and remove dead cells


  • Brightens the skin and removes sun damage
  • Removes pigmentation and dark spots
  • Helps reduce the appearance of acne and get rid of its effects
  • Rejuvenate skin cells and give the skin freshness



How to use :

With the Moroccan bath:

take a spoonful of Suqla with a spoon of Moroccan soap and dilute it with some hot water until it becomes like a dough that is easy to spread.


As a Skin mask:

Take a spoonful of Suqla, dilute it with rose water or milk, put it on the skin for 20 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water.

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